Coronavirus Information

Due to the recent concerns about COVID-19, the Title IX Office is not holding in-person meetings or interviews.  If you are a witness or a party in an ongoing investigation please contact the assigned investigator directly via email.  If you would like to report an incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment, you may do so via the online Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Incident Report Form or via email or telephone by contacting the Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP) at, 530.304.3864 (Davis), 916.734.3417 (Sacramento).  Anonymous call lines are also available at 530.747.3865 (Davis) and 916.734.2255 (Sacramento).

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Graduate and Professional Student Education Requirements

Sexual Violence Intervention and Prevention (SVPT) for New Professional and Graduate Students

UC Davis requires that all incoming graduate and professional students complete mandatory sexual violence intervention and prevention (SVPT) training within the first six weeks of their beginning classes at UC Davis.  All academic and professional graduate students new to UC Davis in 2019-20 are required to receive this training.  

For professional and graduate students who started at UC Davis in Winter Quarter or Spring Semester 2020, the deadline to complete the requirement is Monday February 3, 2020.  To complete the SVPT requirement, students need to access and complete the online Sexual Violence Intervention and Prevention class via their Canvas dashboards at   After 2/3/2020, a registration hold will be placed on the accounts of students who did not complete the VIP requirement.  The hold will prevent them from registering for Spring or Fall 2020 classes. 

If you have an SVPT registration hold on your student account you need to complete the SVPT requirement before the hold can be removed.   To complete the SVPT requirement, access and complete the online Sexual Violence Intervention and Prevention class via your Canvas dashboard at

Questions? Send a message to the Sexual Violence Prevention program at